Art has always been firmly embedded in my soul. Beyond adoration for its traditional classifications, my heart is drawn to the artistry that manifests all around us. The beauty of the face, a storied expression, human nature vowing to survive in circumstances beyond it's control; my observations are constantly intertwined with my craft.

While vision and insight are what initially drew me to photography, it is the bridge crossed during the creation of the image that continues to cultivate my intrigue. I will never forget how alive I felt at the end of my first photo shoot. Within the briefness of an hour, my client and I, unfamiliar just moments before, journeyed from introductory handshakes to easy laughter, from uncertainty to excitement, from strangers to collaborators. I could have never anticipated the steady build of moments that combined to create a work that had never been. It was the first time that I was acutely aware of the elements involved in creating a connection with another human being.

Therefore, it is with great wonder & awe that I continue down this path of discovery, while detailing the human experience through the art of the still image.

-Ebony Rose Brooks